Want to speed through the lines to enjoy more of the Dig’n Zone Attractions? Grab a TurboPass!

With Turbopass, guests access “speedier” lines which offer faster admittance to Attractions via bypassing General Admission queues.

A limited number of TurboPass tickets are sold per day, so get yours today!

Here is how it works:

“TurboPass™ access works as follows: Once a Guest has converted their purchasing QR Code to a TurboPass™ badge/lanyard, they may display this pass any at Attractions which accept TurboPass™ entry for faster access. Currently, the access ratio is 1:1 (one-to-one) which may be adjusted dynamically at the Park’s discretion. For example, a 1:1 ratio means that if 10 Guests are waiting in the TurboPass™ line at Decimator, then they will be the first Guests to board the Attraction. The next set of Guests will be boarded from General Admission, then boarding is from TurboPass™, and back and forth, etc. A 2:1 (two-to-one) ratio, when instantiated, means that 2 groups of Guests will be boarded from TurboPass™ lanes for every 1 group of Guests from General Admission, etc.” 


Turbo Passes

ages 3-10:


ages 11-64:


ages 65+:


TurboPass! is NOT a Park Admission Ticket and can only be used in conjunction with a Day Pass or Season Pass for a single Park visit day.