Pre-Opening Ticket Quick Facts

AGES/PRICES for Day Pass:   <4 = Free;    Children 4-10 = $50;    Adults 11-64 = $55;   Seniors 65+ = $50

AGES/PRICES for 365-Day Season Pass *Limited Edition*:  Children 4-10 and Seniors 65+ = $149.    Adults: 11-64 = $159

What if you aren’t open by the time we visit the Smokies:  Since we cannot guarantee an opening date at this point, we are offering a no questions asked, 100% refund for any pre-opening day pass or 365-Day season pass purchase.

When do the passes have to be used or expiration date:  The Day Passes will be good for use until 12/31/2024.  The 365-Day Season Pass will be different than our season passes after opening.  The 365-Day Season Pass will automatically activate upon first use at Dig’n Zone and will last for exactly 365 days from that first use.  The pass must be first activated or refunded by 12/31/2023 and will be good for 365 days from that point.  

How does the Day Pass work:  Upon purchase, you will automatically be entered into our system as a passholder and will be notified via email once we have a grand opening date, and you will then be able to make a reservation for any day after our grand opening.  

How does the 365-Day Season Pass work:  This limited edition pass will only be offered pre-opening.  Once it is activated upon first use, you will get your picture made, and that pass will then be good to use exactly 365 days from activation at Dig’n Zone.

Can you upgrade your day pass to a season pass at the park:  You will have the opportunity to upgrade your day pass, but it will not be the same value as our 365-Day Pre-Opening Season Pass.

Does everyone need a ticket to enter:  Similar to Dollywood and other parks, we have an entrance fee (pass) to enter the park.  There will be lots of attractions and activities for kids and adults alike.  Everyone will have a Dig’n Good Time!