“Kids” of all ages will have a blast operating real construction equipment! Our goal is to provide a great entertainment value for families to enjoy real construction equipment while fostering family cohesiveness in a safe and fun environment. Our unique venue will provide memories and bucket-list items for children as well as adults.


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The Map

Tickets & Entrance

Loading Zone Gifts

Our construction themed gift shop is probably one of the most unique gift shops you will ever visit! It has been curated with unique and fun construction themed merchandise to enjoy or take home with you!

Dig'N Party Area

Forklift Fun Center

The Arcade at Dig’n Zone is a great place to challenge your friends and family to some good ‘ol fashioned competition and fun!

Dig In Cafe

Our fun eating establishment here at Dig’n Zone is sure to be a pleasure to your senses and taste buds! You will be pleasantly surprised by our delicious food as you’ve worked up a large appetite from all the construction work you’ve done.


Cat 992 Bucket

Worlds Largest Tire

Hard Hat Stage

The stage is sure to bring artists, school groups, corporate events and other special holiday events to life as performers play, sing and dance to the future operator guests at Dig’n Zone. The stage will host many unique events throughout the year.

Events Area

Diggy's Treasures Gem Mine

Mining has always been one of America’s largest use of specialized construction equipment. Try your hand an Diggy’s gem mine after a quick stop in the gift shop to buy your mining equiment. Will you find the most gems?

L'il Dig'N Zone

Skid'n 1

Diggy Bear Express

Take a ride on our unique tram ride and learn about some of the equipment at Dig’n Zone as you navigate the perimeter of the park and the driver gives you some unique information on the machines you see and use.


Do you think you have what it takes to tackle the Decimator? Powered by a 50,000 pound CAT 320, this spinning monster that will make you second guess your dinner choices!

Tumble Town

Have you ever seen a wrecking ball knock over buildings? Well, here is your shot to take a CAT 301.5 and swing that wrecking ball and knock over as many buildings as you can before the timer runs out. Race your friends and see who can destroy more!

Later Gator

These alligators look real, but don’t worry because they don’t bite! But just in case, you will be safe on a CAT 301.5 trying your best to pluck them out of the pond faster than your friends! Now, get rid of those gators!


Almost all construction projects involve piping of some type. The real skill is getting these pipes to fit just right because once, they are buried or covered up, it’s really hard to find the leak! Do you have what it takes to use a CAT 301.5 to fit the pipe together correctly?

Plunkey Monkey

Do you have the skill to master our hardest game? These monkeys want to be linked together in a monkey chain. Try and help them grab each others’ hands as they climb higher and higher.

Dig'N Pit

You will feel the power as you scoop up material in this 4,500lb CAT 302. Dig a hole, fill in a hole or simply watch the material slide out of the bucket at you lift it into the air and rotate the bucket to dump!

Electric Mine Car

L'il Loco Barrel Train

Our little operators might go a l’il crazy for this 12 car barrel train! There are even some side-by-side barrels to enjoy with your parents or friends. So, choose your color and have a barrel of laughs on this fun ride!

Dig'N Derby

These electric tractors and dumpers will get you excited about farming. They can be ridden alone or there is a second seat behind the driver for a parent to tag along, too!

Rock'N Roll'N

Isn’t it fun going on a road trip and see road construction everywhere? We think the person riding that big roller machine to make the asphalt flat is having way too much fun. So, why not try it to see just how neat it is to ride a pavement roller that turns in the middle. It’s harder than it looks!

Skid'n 2

At more that 6,500lbs, this machine is probably the most popular piece of construction equipment on every job site. You can drive a real CAT 236 around the track to see if you have the skills to control the joystick steering. Why skid-steer? Well, the machine turns by skidding one set of wheels or tracks while the others move to turn the machine.

Farm Hands

You think you’ve got what it takes to be a farmer? Well, a good place to start would be driving a real tractor. A farm is not complete without a tractor so try your hand at farming by taking this John Deere tractor for a loop.

Cut & Run

Does it look fun when you see all the guys spinning around on one of those zero-turn mowers while cutting the grass at your school? Well, now is your chance to try one of them out for yourself. Get on a John Deere ZTR and take a “spin” around the track!

Gator Grand Prix

This isn’t a normal gator that will bite back. These diesel powered John Deere Gators are a true workhorse around the farm. Take a ride or drive through some fun terrain to see if your farm could use one!


Still have a lot of energy you need to burn off after eating at the Dig In Cafe? Well, the peddle cars are a perfect way to race your brother or friends around the track to see who is the real winner!

Boogie Buggies

Two kids can sit side by side in this electric SUV and cruise around a track by themselves. This might be a good time to see what kind of driver they will be in a few years!

The Crusher

Ever wanted to crush the car in front of you? On the Crusher you get to crush a car pancake flat with one of our pavement rollers. After a visit to the gift shop, you can take home a car that you crushed by yourself and the identical one that is uncrushed to show your friends the difference!

Northwest 190D

Bay City Dragline

Euclid Dump Truck

Northwest 25D

Bucyrus Eerie 88B

Northwest 80D

CAT 769C

1. Tickets & Entrance
2. Loading Zone Gifts
3. Dig'N Party Area
4. Forklift Fun Center
5. Dig In Cafe
6. Pavilion
7. Cat 992 Bucket
8. Worlds Largest Tire
9. Hard Hat Stage
10. Events Area
11. Diggy's Treasures Gem Mine
12. L'il Dig'N Zone
13. Skid'n 1

14. Diggy Bear Express
15. Decimator
16. Tumble Town
17. Later Gator
18. Pipeliner
19. Plunkey Monkey
20. Dig'N Pit
21. Electric Mine Car
22. L'il Loco Barrel Train
23. Dig'N Derby
24. Rock'N Roll'N
25. Skid'n 2
26. Farm Hands

27. Cut & Run
28. Gator Grand Prix
29. Peddl'N
30. Boogie Buggies
31. The Crusher
32. Northwest 190D
33. Bay City Dragline
34. Euclid Dump Truck
35. Northwest 25D
36. Bucyrus Eerie 88B
37. Northwest 80D
38. CAT 769C


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