When will you open?

We are open!  Spring/Fall hours are 10:00-5:00 while Summer hours are 10:00-8:00

How much does it cost?

Children 3 & Under:  Free

Kids 4 – 11:  $55

Persons 12 – 64:  $69

Seniors 65+:  $55

Who can participate in the rides/attractions?

Most everyone can participate.  Most attractions will be 40″ minimum height, but even the smaller ones can sit in a parent’s or guardian’s lap to enjoy the ride. 

What kind of equipment will you have?

We will have adult sized equipment, such as, excavators, skid steers, rollers, articulating loaders,  side-by-sides and more that will be modified to be safe for everyone!

What are your hours?

Spring/Fall:  10:00 – 5:00

Summer:  10:00 – 8:00

Where are you located?

We are at 1707 Veterans Blvd in Sevierville, TN.

Will the equipment be safe?

We are modifying the equipment to be safe for all ages.  This will include, limiting speed, mechanical limits, remote shut-off, seat belt safety, etc.  We will do our best to have multiple safety measures, but of course, monitoring your children and using common sense is always a key to safety with any construction or farm equipment.

Will you have food?

We have food venues from snacks, sweets and full meals available with gluten-free and vegetarian options.  No outside food nor drink will be allowed.

More information will be forthcoming, and we will change this page accordingly.  Thank you!